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Outsource Your PT Department

Finding a solution that takes care of all of your training department needs in one place with no day to day management seemed impossible. Until now ...

Provide trained PTs for your facility, and run your PT program digitally

Help growing your social media by generating authentic content.

Increase member retention, and grow without limits.

State-of-the-art software stack that is fully white-labeled at no upfront cost.

a world class solution ready to take over

the future of digital fitness

Our innovative digital fitness and wellness platform brings together advanced technology powered by AI with a team of world class trainers and nutritionists, ready to take your digital gym to new heights.

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Custom website and Android/iOS apps dedicated to your training programs

Nutrition programming and meal plans with adjustable calories and macronutrient splits

Team of world class trainers who’ll be providing client coaching services.

Social media promotional content from real user success stories

Full billing and payment handling

Workouts are customized to use the exact equipment available at the gym

The client app includes:

+  Personalized workout plans for each client.
+  Personalized meal plan for each client.
+  Daily accountability from the coach through in-app chat.
+  Weekly check-ins and progress tracking for each client.
+  Food-logging and nutrition tracking.
+  Ability to record workouts and get form feedback.
+  Habit tracking.
+  Fitness device integration (Apple Watch etc.)
+  Full tech support.

Unlock your gym’s full potential

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